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Here's to Entrepreneurs

Written by Phil Lord, 16.02.2017

Here’s to those who do
To those who fight
To those who dream
To those who build
Here’s to those who act in spite of fear
To those who turn fear into energy
To those who refuse to get told to settle
Here’s to those who make things
To those who change the world
To those who solve our problems and create our jobs
To those lift us all up
Here’s to those who don’t seek fame or recognition
To those who work 12 hours a day for years, far from the spotlight
To those who fight their way up
To those who simply won’t give up
Here’s to those who’ve chosen a different life
To those who’ve chosen to dance on the edge
To those who’ve lost sleep thousands of times
To those who lost everything they had and got back up
Here’s to those who’ve run out of cash

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To Help and Inspire

Written by Phil Lord, 14.11.2016

I have a few thoughts to share this morning. Recently, I’ve received a lot of praise and criticism for my Instagram page. There are two things I would like to share.

First, it doesn’t matter how many positive comments you get: it will never be enough to drown out the negative ones. Even though the ratio is probably somewhere around 10:1, the negative comments still make me question everything. If you ever feel that way, it doesn’t mean you are not optimistic or confident enough to succeed. It’s simply an expression of our human nature. The way we react to criticism in the long run is what matters.

Second, when questioning what you do, it helps to remind yourself of why you are doing it. Recently, many of those I work with were demora...

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"Life is stranger than fiction."

Written by Phil Lord, 12.11.2016

"Life is stranger than fiction."
Tonight, I went shopping. As I was enjoying my cup of French tea, I heard someone say these words. I looked up. It was someone I know: an old lady, the wife of one of the several Quebec billionaires (yes, there are billionaires in Quebec). We had first met when she was one of our clients this summer. She remains the toughest and least forgiving client I've ever worked with. She was never happy with our work, but for some reason she liked me and she respected the way I handled some of the problems we faced. As I looked up earlier tonight, she shouted at me (in French this time), asking me how I was. I stopped for a second. I then told her exactly how I felt: I felt incredibly blessed and lucky. I told her...

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"How Do You Do It?"

Written by Phil Lord, 03.11.2016

I just love this picture. The question I get asked the most is, “How do you do it?” How do I run 2 businesses, race marathons, and wind up on the Dean’s Honour List at school? This picture shows me in the limo, sitting in the front because I am holding a business meeting on my way to my psychology / meditation session. You’ll also notice I am wearing my running gear, ready to run the 22 km back home while reassuring my mom on the state of the U.S. election. This is how I do it.

To most people, the thought of holding a business meeting wearing 4” shorts (and in a car!) seems unacceptable. That’s the very reason most people run out of time to dedicate to people they love. It’s the very reason most people don’t pursue their dreams and se...

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Written by Phil Lord, 21.10.2016

About two months ago, I lost money. An awful lot of money. It had to do with someone I not only deeply respected, but also loved. I wasn’t angry or depressed. I was just confused. I didn’t know that type of person even existed. Who, if anyone, could I still trust? I took upon myself the fight to get my money back, not for my own sake, but rather so that justice would be done. No one, I felt, should get away with this.

Last Friday morning, I was sitting in my accountant’s office. I travel all the way to Trois-Rivières whenever we need to meet, partly because he doesn’t have a computer, and partly because I always feel a bit better after our meetings. Though I call him Mr. Loranger, he’s always called me Philippe. I like that. About 10...

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Written by Phil Lord, 11.09.2016

I get up every morning and read short list of quotes that’s pinned to the wall near my desk. The very first – and only unattributed – quote is the following:“Fe

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