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Here's to Entrepreneurs

Written by Phil Lord, 16.02.2017

Here’s to those who do
To those who fight
To those who dream
To those who build
Here’s to those who act in spite of fear
To those who turn fear into energy
To those who refuse to get told to settle
Here’s to those who make things
To those who change the world
To those who solve our problems and create our jobs
To those lift us all up
Here’s to those who don’t seek fame or recognition
To those who work 12 hours a day for years, far from the spotlight
To those who fight their way up
To those who simply won’t give up
Here’s to those who’ve chosen a different life
To those who’ve chosen to dance on the edge
To those who’ve lost sleep thousands of times
To those who lost everything they had and got back up
Here’s to those who’ve run out of cash
To those who’ve cried in front of a banker
To those who’ve had to call mom, dad, auntie, AND grandma to pay their employees

Here’s to those who’ll die with a smile on their face
To those who will always have a racing heart when looking back at the fear and the pain
To those who’ve seen more of the highs and more of the lows
To those who’ve dared

To those who’ve lived

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