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Written by Phil Lord, 14.11.2016

I have a few thoughts to share this morning. Recently, I’ve received a lot of praise and criticism for my Instagram page. There are two things I would like to share.

First, it doesn’t matter how many positive comments you get: it will never be enough to drown out the negative ones. Even though the ratio is probably somewhere around 10:1, the negative comments still make me question everything. If you ever feel that way, it doesn’t mean you are not optimistic or confident enough to succeed. It’s simply an expression of our human nature. The way we react to criticism in the long run is what matters.

Second, when questioning what you do, it helps to remind yourself of why you are doing it. Recently, many of those I work with were demoralized and discouraged by the regulatory hurdles we were facing. I circulated a somewhat long and detailed private memo titled: “Why We Do What We Do.” It was a simple yet forceful reminder of what our aims and goals are: to make a difference in our clients’ lives, to transform our industry, and to contribute to society and to our local community. It was a reminder of why the world needs our unique and engaged way of doing business.

The purpose of my Instagram page is to inspire others. In fact, that’s also the purpose of my life and it’s written in a whole bunch of places: To help and inspire others to live out their dreams. I was lucky in a single way: I was lucky to learn at a very young age the effect I could have on the world and on my life. If it weren’t for people who were great at doing what I’m now attempting to do, I wouldn’t have accomplished what I have.

To be fully honest, I wasn’t comfortable at first with self-promotion and still do not find it quite natural or easy. But I’m not giving you a glimpse into my life to brag. I’m doing it because it helps some of you. And to me, that matters.

Ohh, and: You guys rock. Thanks for the support. Thanks for the engagement, which is twice the Instagram average. Thanks for the countless positive private messages. Thanks for the suggestions for improvement. I’ll keep doing my best!

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