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"Life is stranger than fiction."

Written by Phil Lord, 12.11.2016

"Life is stranger than fiction."
Tonight, I went shopping. As I was enjoying my cup of French tea, I heard someone say these words. I looked up. It was someone I know: an old lady, the wife of one of the several Quebec billionaires (yes, there are billionaires in Quebec). We had first met when she was one of our clients this summer. She remains the toughest and least forgiving client I've ever worked with. She was never happy with our work, but for some reason she liked me and she respected the way I handled some of the problems we faced. As I looked up earlier tonight, she shouted at me (in French this time), asking me how I was. I stopped for a second. I then told her exactly how I felt: I felt incredibly blessed and lucky. I told her we live an abundant life. She smiled and went on for 10 minutes about how right I was. She then asked that I call her over the Christmas break and come over to talk. I smiled. Only an entrepreneur would say something like that, so directly and so unashamedly.

Those who know me know money doesn't play an important role in my life. I know things don't make us happy. But that doesn't mean we should take what we have for granted. Nor does it mean we shouldn't be deeply thankful. Tonight, I went shopping for Christmas gifts and went over my charity lists. I checked to see what more I could do to be worthy of the abundance of wealth I enjoy.

I live a life most will only ever dream of. I am healthy; I radiate optimism; I have great friends and a great family; and I get to do what I love. I went through tough times; I went through experiences I wouldn't wish upon anyone, experiences that, had I trusted doctors and psychologists, should have prevented me from doing everything I did. I also failed. Again. Again. And again. I see this as a part of the abundant life I live. I enjoy an abundance of setbacks, humbling moments, and experiences that force me to grow into a better version of myself.

Life is beautiful.

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