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"How Do You Do It?"

Written by Phil Lord, 03.11.2016

I just love this picture. The question I get asked the most is, “How do you do it?” How do I run 2 businesses, race marathons, and wind up on the Dean’s Honour List at school? This picture shows me in the limo, sitting in the front because I am holding a business meeting on my way to my psychology / meditation session. You’ll also notice I am wearing my running gear, ready to run the 22 km back home while reassuring my mom on the state of the U.S. election. This is how I do it.

To most people, the thought of holding a business meeting wearing 4” shorts (and in a car!) seems unacceptable. That’s the very reason most people run out of time to dedicate to people they love. It’s the very reason most people don’t pursue their dreams and settle for ordinary.

This picture also shows what an incredible collection of hard working people it takes to make a man successful. I wouldn’t be a tenth of the man I am were I alone.

If no one were driving me, no work would get done in the car.

If I didn’t have someone to tell me 10-12 times that “it really, really is time to leave,” I’d be fixing my hair for way too long.

If I wasn’t blessed with a world class psychologist, I’d be struggling with the anxiety that sent me to the hospital and affected by the lasting effects of domestic abuse. Thanks to my psychologist, both of these are squarely things of the past. Even though I’m not struggling, I make sure to meet with my psychologist at least once a month, just to become a better person: to question the way I perceive situations, to consider the (more negative) comments I receive, and to make sure I am the person I want to be.

And, most importantly, if it weren’t for my mom, I’d have no one to call, almost every day, late at night or early in the morning, to get told most of my business problems “probably don’t matter all that much.”

When I get home at night, I am thankful for the extraordinary life I get to live. I am thankful that at every single moment of every single day, there is nothing else I would rather be doing. This is how you move mountains. This is how I get the annoying smile and overpowering confidence that make me who I am. This is how I do it.

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