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Samuel Chaput   Dec 31, 2016

I worked with Phil for several months. I have never met anyone with such a laser focus on his vision for success. He is in control of every aspect in his life. As he likes to remind those he works with, ''Balance, balance is everything.'' His ambition is impressive, and he is an inspiration to everyone who has the privilege of crossing his path. Working for Phil is an intense learning experience.

Adanna Letourneux   Dec 26, 2016

I got to know and worked for Phil over the past 6 months as his personal assistant. I have rarely met a person with such a vision for success. He is a talented entrepreneur with a special talent for juggling multiple projects. If Phil wants something, he gets it done. This mix of productivity and ambition sets a great example for his team. Working for him has always been a pleasure. It is very enriching and, as a matter of fact, I have the opportunity to report to not only a manager, but also an adviser and mentor.

Me Dorith Toledano   Dec 23, 2016

I do not know Phil personally. However, I know what he has developped:, a website where all can get access to justice at a low cost. He pioneered the concept and empowerd me to offer my services online. He is a young man with a vision, a strong sense of entrepreneurship, and a strong ambition. He knows how to surround himself with a strong enough team. A young man to watch, with a promising carreer!

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